How to have a striking conversation with a beautiful woman

How to have a striking conversation with a beautiful woman

Most men find it hard to be natural and comfortable in a conversation with attractive women. When a beautiful woman experiences these reactions around her, she sometimes creates a wall where no one can get in.
So there is a lot to consider in approaching a stunning woman that attracts you, like for example:

Start by complimenting her

It takes mastery and practice to notice the little details, but if you are able to go beyond the surface and notice something unique about her, you can hit the jackpot. The secret of a successful compliment is that it’s specific, genuine, and includes something about how it makes you feel.

Be confident

Confidence comes from within and is the most important center of attraction. The key to your success is to be true to yourself and authentic. She knows if you are putting up a facade, which is always a turnoff. So be at your full potential when you approach someone that really impacts you.

Don`t hesitate

The longer you wait to approach a beautiful girl the more difficult it will be to actually do it. So, instead of hesitating, get in the habit of walking towards a girl the second you realize you want to talk to her.

Be calm

Meeting someone for the first time can be an extremely nerve-wracking experience. The irony is that the reason why people get so nervous before a date is because they want to make a good first impression. After all, we all know how important first impressions are. Therefore, it is recommended to remain calm, cool and confident before talking to a beautiful woman.

Have Some Conversation Starters in Your Back Pocket

If you have some conversation starters to rely on, you’ll be less likely to freeze up and avoid approaching the girl. You don’t need a handwritten list, just a general idea of some good conversation starters that you can use at any time.

Overcome your shyness

In case you did not know, shyness can be overcome. With time and the will to change, it’s possible to break through. Confident people are not preoccupied with whether everyone is going to like what they have to say. They speak their mind because they want to share, engage, and connect with others. You can do this too.

Assume attraction

When you assume women are attracted to you, you’ll start acting like it. You’ll make more sexual innuendos and have a sexier vibe, and put yourself in a position to succeed.


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