The 5 most exclusive clubs in Zurich with She Highclass Escort Models

The 5 most exclusive clubs in Zurich with She Highclass Escort Models

Switzerland has a booming nightlife, ensuring the best clubbing experience. When it comes to experiencing an energetic nightlife and discovering some cool clubs, Zurich wins hands down over all the other Swiss cities. Zurich has the highest density of nightclubs in all of Switzerland so it’s not hard to find a place to party late. So we put together a top 5 most exclusive clubs in Zurich with a beautiful escort model.


A new comer in the Zurich club scene, Alice Choo (Limmatstrasse 275, 8005 Zürich) has already made a big name for itself, offering a unique and intimate experience. However the experience is quite pricey and is known as a luxurious upscale location, but if you have the money this is the place to be. Alice Choo offers a friendly, chic and intimate environment for a more mature crowd 21+ to party the night away.
With an exceptional sound system and the very intimate downstairs lounge area, Alice Choo is a wonderful place where you and your escort model can party all night long.


Kaufleuten is a restaurant, a lounge, a club, and also an events center. The restaurant offers fresh market cuisine, steaks, and wine, while the lounge is tucked in a garden where people get cocktails or just take a break from the loud party music at the club.



Mascotte is Zurich’s trendsetter when it comes to the party scene. It may be the oldest club in the city – 100 years, to be exact – but it has been instrumental in bringing some of Europe’s most popular acts to perform in the city.
Mascotte has something to offer for everyone on almost every day of the week from techno to R&B. Even celebrities such as Madonna have celebrated in Zurich’s oldest nightclub – Arcade Fire played here, too, before they became famous. Concerts in winter have a very special ambiance; sometimes through the large glass windows, you can see the snowflakes swirling around outside. Mascotte sponsors full-blown concerts, but also has lounges for private occasions and smaller parties, if you would prefer to make some arrangements for you and your beautiful escort model. Therefore, Mascotte is the perfect location where you can experience a legendary night with She Highclass Escort Models.



AURA Club is a fashionable event locale situated at Paradeplatz in the heart of Zurich. Spread over 2000 m2 on three floors, AURA sets a new standard for cuisine and cutting-edge event technology. In addition to a restaurant, bar and smoker’s lounge, AURA features a 450 m2 event hall that opens its doors as a nightclub on Saturday evenings. At AURA, “celebration” means high-class entertainment. Come and celebrate at AURA with your highclass escort model!


The Jade club is characterized by its VIP lounges and exclusive parties. An evening at the Jade actually looks like a music video: beautiful women, cool guys, sexy dance moves – and occasionally glitter confetti even rains down from the ceiling. What a wonderful place to spend an unforgettable evening with your beautiful escort model!

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